Training courses

The courses developed by IGQ aim to provide specific knowledge and train qualified personnel for all activities relating to company management systems in the areas of Quality, Environment, Safety, Energy and Automotive.
The courses are divided into different topics ranging from the training of internal auditors of business management systems, to courses related to learning the rules that govern the obtaining of certification.
Furthermore, starting from 2021, IGQ has developed various in-depth studies on specific topics, with particular reference to the figure of the Process Owner ,and Risk Management.
Other courses deal with technical topics, such as the Machinery Directive, or the Safety of Storage Systems.
Starting from 2021, “Laboratories” have also been activated for in-depth analysis on specific issues, for the consolidation of skills, on:

  • Management of Non-Conformities, for each individual international standard (9001-14001-45001-Automotive);
  • Quality Audit Laboratory
  • IATF Audit Laboratory: product audit, process audit, system audit
  • IATF Audit Laboratory: product audit, process audit, system audit – Safety 45001 and Environment 14001 Audit Laboratory
  • Problem Solving Techniques:
    • Scenario Analysis – What if Technique
    • Ishikawa diagram
    • 5 Why Method
  • How to organize and manage a meeting remotely.

These Laboratories are activated at the request of the interested parties; for information and details, contact Mrs. Marcella Ginevra at n. 3898429460, or Mrs. Giulia Villani, at n. 02 66101348, or
The courses are all held remotely, and have a duration ranging from 1 to 3 days, depending on the complexity of the topic.
The courses can also be provided in the form of individual coaching, at the request of interested parties.

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