Any organization operating in the sectors for which IGQ is competent and which has implemented a management system may apply for IGQ certification.
Please move your pointer over each step of the certification process for a short description.

The application for certification is submitted using the application form, and enclosing the following documents:

  • copy of the Chamber of Commerce certificate of registration (or equivalent document)
  • management system Manual
  • letter of acceptance of the IGQ Certification Rules and prices

IGQ then informs the organization of the receipt and acceptance of the application.

The document review is the first step of the assessment process. In general, one single auditor team leader will handle all steps of the assessment process: document review, stage 1 and stage 2.

The audit (stage 1 of the certification audit) takes place at the premises of the organization. One or more auditors, according to the size and complexity of the organization, with the assistance of the representatives of the organization, visit the company site(s), collect the information necessary to define the exact scope of the certification, the locations to be included, the statutory and regulatory requirements, etc. Moreover the IGQ auditors evaluate the organization awareness of the requirements of the management system, verify and point out any shortcomings of the system documentation, and plan the following stage of the audit. In case of construction yards or temporary sites the plan will clearly indicate which of these will be included in the audit. The information collected during the technical meeting are documented in the stage 1 report.

One or more auditors, according to the size and complexity of the organization, carry out the stage 2 of the audit. In this stage, through personnel interviews, direct observation of work activities, review of records and other documents, the IGQ auditors assess the application of all the elements of the management system. Finally the auditors report their findings to the management of the organization and produce a detailed audit report.

Each audit report is reviewed by the certification scheme manager and is submitted to the Certification Commission for deliberation.

The Certification Commission reviews the results of the assessment process, and a takes a motivated decision (deliberation) for each certification proposal. In case of a negative decision the certification process is suspended until removal or correction of the reasons which prompted the negative decision.

The Scientific Committee ensures that all deliberations are taken safeguarding the impartiality of the decision process, by the presence of one of its members at each meeting of every Certification Commission.

The Director signs and issues the certificate, which is sent to the organization together with the audit report, the certification mark and the international IQNet certificate.

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